French author to discuss her new cookbook

What: Mireille Guiliano (“French Women Don’t Get Fat”) discusses her new cookbook

When: Thursday May 20 @ 7 p.m.

Where: OCL Toms River branch

CONTACT:   Larry Meegan, 732-349-6200, ext. 5906


                        Scott Rodas, 732-349-6200, ext. 5906


TOMS RIVER –   Internationally best-selling author and former president and CEO of Clicquot, Inc.,  Mireille Guiliano will discuss her newly-released fourth book “The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook” at the Toms River branch (101 Washington St.) of the Ocean County Library.

 The program and book signing will take place Thursday May 20 at 7 p.m.

 Her cookbook, a follow up to “French Women Don’t Get Fat” (2004) and “French Women for all Seasons,” (2006) tells how French meals differ from American meals, and how American women can make changes in their menus to slim down.

 “We love to eat and we eat for pleasure,” Guiliano said of French women in a television interview. “It means we take our time eating.  And we eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and soup.”

 Water also accompanies each meal, important for hydration, she says, and French women walk a lot.

 This is in contrast to American diets that contain too many carbohydrates and fat, and not enough protein.

 Guiliano insists that one need not give up on treats like wine and chocolate, but she cautions they should be taken in moderation.  And tasty, nutritious desserts can replace many of the fat and calorie-laden treats people often consume.

 Her cook book presents 150 new recipes along with childhood memories of provincial France, philosophical insights and quick and easy French recipes she cooks at home herself.

 “This book is designed specifically for busy women/mothers,” she wrote on her Website.  “These days, most people don’t have time for elaborate meals, myself included.  For most of my career, I worked at least 10-hour days, so I had to learn recipes that could be easily prepared in 30 minutes when I arrived home tired and hungry.”

 She also wrote the book as her appeal for people to reconnect with the kitchen.

 “We live in a brave new world of processed foods and many young people today, even in France, have no idea how to cook.  I intended the cookbook partly as an homage to the art of home cooking.”

 “I hope people are inspired to go into the kitchen and cook a meal.  I want readers to see that cooking doesn’t require huge amounts of time, just an appreciation for good food,” she added.

 A native of France, Guiliano studied French and English literature at the Sorbonne and holds the French equivalent of a master’s degree in English and German and certification as a translator/interpreter.

 She first arrived in America as an exchange student in Boston and came back for good early in her professional career as a spokesperson for Champagne Veuve Clicquot.

 She has appeared on many radio and television shows, including Oprah, The Today Show, CBS’ The Early Show, NBC’s Dateline and CNN.  She has been profiled in The New York Times, USA Today, Time, Newsweek, People, Business Week, Travel & Leisure, Food & Wine and dozens of other publications.

 This program is free and open to the public.  For more information or to register for this program go to our Web site or telephone the operator (732) 349-6200 or (609) 971-0514.


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