What’s New, Cupcake? Ingeniously Simple Cupcake Designs


Contact: Scott Rodas, Program Coordinator

(732) 349-6200 ext. 5912



What’s New, Cupcake? Ingeniously Simple Cupcake Designs

 at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library.

Karen Tack, and Alan Richardson authors of Hello, Cupcake! will be at the Toms River Branch

of the Ocean County Library (101 Washington St) on Thursday, May 13, at 7pm, to share ingeniously simple cupcake designs from their new book, What’s New, Cupcake?

The endlessly imaginative duo who turned cupcaking into a national pastime is back, with utterly new, eye-popping creations anyone can make.

Create a race-car cupcake, a robot cupcake, or ravishing jewelry cupcakes for a birthday party. Surprise the family with Chinese takeout dinner cupcakes on April Fools

or serve up a-goofy chocolate moose. Captivate Mom with a bouquet of long-stemmed rose cupcakes and build sand castle cupcakes with the kids. All you need are candies

from the corner store and cake mix and canned frosting.

Their book features dozens of “EZ” projects that use just a few ingredients—perfect for kids and parties.

• More pictures, brighter colors, bolder designs.

• More faux-food creations–so real you won’t believe they’re cupcakes!

• More comical critters and the cutest pets ever!

• More irresistible party centerpieces to celebrate hobbies, from golf to knitting.

• More spectacular holiday cupcakes: Valentine’s, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

You’ll end up with cupcakes so striking that you won’t want to eat them–but so delicious you’ll have no choice!

To register for this program, or for more information, contact the Toms River branch of the Ocean County Library at (732) 349-6200 or visit www.theoceancountylibrary.org


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