Check it out – the library has music!

Ocean County Library has a treat for everyone who loves to sing or play a musical instrument.

The treat? The library maintains an extensive list of its collection containing thousands of copies of sheet music. 

The main music collection is located at the Toms River branch’s reference department, 101 Washington Street. It offers the public free access to this collection.

The list can be searched from the library’s Web site or using the link . The link can be accessed from anywhere people log onto the Internet. 

The music collection ranges from classical to country, Broadway to blues, spiritual to samba, and much more. The sheet music appears in songbooks and fake books as well as the “Sheet Music Magazine.” Selections are available for musicians of all skill levels.

The Web site also offers links to audio and video performances, contact information and news about performers and upcoming concerts, performance reviews, and histories of different musical genres. There are also links to pertinent music-themed periodicals.

Telephone the library’s Information Services Department (732) 349-6200, ext. 5101 if you have other questions.


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